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Jim Fritz Winning Edge Lacrosse Camp

lacrosse-camp-near-charlotteThe Winning Edge Lacrosse Camp believes in a few fundamentals: Camp is a chance to improve your game and have fun doing it!

Please note the July 2015 camp is closed and will not be taking any late sign-ups or walk-ups this year.

We engage campers in becoming better players by teaching the core skills of both the field and the box game. With so many young players competing in both these days, and playing year round, we feel that this kind of instruction will be essential in the players’ full development.

Winning Edge helps you to play the right way and prepares you to get to your next level.

We offer outstanding instruction through an excellent camper/coach ratio of 5:1 throughout sessions emphasizing individual position work and team play through direct instruction as well as games. Players get particular attention from coaches specializing in their position. There is also a strong emphasis on face-off and goalie play.

Being a lacrosse player means more than what you do on the field. Campers will be held to high standards for behavior and encouraged to set goals both on and off the field.

The Winning Edge Lacrosse Camp offers both the beginner and the experienced player the opportunity to improve his or her game. More importantly, we help our campers reach their potential on and off the field.


“My camp goal is to help kids become better players while practicing the fundamentals and skills and also participating in games. As a parent, I also want you to know that your child’s safety is our top priority.”



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